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NextMove PRO helps real estate agents manage sales. Set goals, manage deals and track conversion in real time.

Revenue Tracking

We make it easy to keep track of your income for the current month through a visual gauge. You can toggle between displaying your gross closed income (GCI) or profit.

Sales Pipeline

We organize your real estate transactions into four main stages: lead, appointment, agency agreement, and under contract. This makes it easy to see where your business stands.

Set Goals

The goal wizard allows you to easily establish realistic and attainable goals. You only need to input a few simple metrics and we'll use national averages for everything else.

Track Goals

Your goals are plotted on simple graphs that provide an intuitive way to monitor how you're trending at a glance. You can also measure your goals on a monthly or annual basis.


Import and manage your contacts all in one place. Add your contacts to deals and you'll have one-click access to their details and history.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to your contacts and deals. We offer a variety of field types, including text fields, checkboxes and calendars.

Task Management

Keep your priorities organized by creating and scheduling tasks. Group common tasks into workflows that you can reuse. We also provide predefined workflows to get you started.

Event Timeline

We display all of your ongoing events, notifications, and reminders in a visual timeline associated with each of your transactions and contacts.

Email Templates

Create reusable email templates and then organize them into workflows to get scheduled reminders. Scheduled reminders will ensure that you'll never miss an important follow-up.

Send Emails

Send emails and pre-written templates to your clients and team members with just a few clicks. We'll even BCC you so that you have a reference of the sent email.


Enter your expenses and we'll keep track of your bottom line.


Our reporting functionality provides a broad picture of your business. The transaction ledger and P&L is just what you need to optimize your commissions.

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